Friday, December 16, 2011

Comics Roundup for 12/14/11

Some good stuff this week, starting with:

Batwoman #4 - I'm enjoying this series more and more with each issue.  The artwork is fantastic, as always.  My favorite part was the messed-up way Chase got Flamebird to reveal her secret identity - some cold-hearted stuff going on there.

Batgirl #4 - A satisfying conclusion to the first story arc with a cliffhanger that makes me eager for the next issue.  I don't have much new to say about this series, only I'll reiterate that I'm glad that they are dealing with the fact that Barbara Gordon spent so much time in a wheelchair, and her "miracle" recovery is being dealt with in a manner that makes the character more interesting.

Batman and Robin #4 - Easily tied with Batman as my current favorite book with the Dark Knight in it right now, this issue didn't disappoint either.  Batman definitely has a lot of work to do with this current Robin, and each issue develops the relationship further.  Plus, the villain is a pretty interesting one, as he's trying to recruit Damien Wayne to join up in a more ruthless vigilante partnership than the one he has with his father.

The New Avengers #19 - This series is picking up steam again, and it had one of my favorite Spider-Man lines in a long time:  "I like to take as much blame as I can whenever I can.  Don't take that from me.  It's the only joy I have."  Good stuff - is there any wonder why I love this character so much?

Green Lantern #4 - Good stuff, yet again.  Sinestro only gets more and more interesting in this series, as he has what all good bad guys have:  the conviction that he's actually the good guy.

Avengers:  X-Sanction #1 (of 4) - Meh.  Cable fights the Avengers.  Who gives a crap?  Not me.  I'm not getting the next one.

The Walking Dead: Volume 15 - As always, I zoomed right through this trade paperback.  I once worried that this series would start to feel repetitive, but with this current story, it definitely feels like it's going in a different direction.  The main motif is "hope" and that's what these characters are trying to hold on to in a world that seems to have crushed all sense of it.  I'm curious to see where it will go from here.

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