Saturday, December 31, 2011

Comics Roundup for 12/28/11

Tons of stuff this week - let's keep it brief, shall we?

Star Wars:  Crimson Empire III #3 (of 6) - Another solid installment of this series, with Kir Kanos as probably one of the most interesting characters from the expanded universe.

Superman #4 - I really wanted to like this series.  I don't though.  I found myself completely losing interest about halfway through.  While I appreciate that George Perez is trying to pack as much story into each page as possible, it doesn't help when the story just isn't that interesting.  Dan Slott has been doing a much better job of this over in The Amazing Spider-Man.  Anyway, I'm done with this series.

Uncanny X-Men #3 - I've stated before that I remember Mr. Sinister from the Chris Claremont/Marc Silvestri days, so he seems a bit different here.  I never realized that he could be such a fun villain though.  Anyway, good stuff - I didn't even plan on picking this series up when it started, but I'll probably get the next issue.

Kick Ass 2 #6 - I always say that I always say the same thing about Mark Millar's writing, and I'm going to say it again - every issue moves the story forward and leaves me wanting more.  That's what comics are all about.

Captain America #5 & #6 - Since Steve McNiven can't keep his deadlines, we wind up with two issues in the same week.  Also, we wind up with some fill-in art on issue #5, and it's pretty crap-tastic.  Anyway, nice to see Alan Davis stepping in for issue #6.  Hopefully that will get this series back on track.

Aquaman #4 - Another good issue, but I hope that this isn't the end of this story's antagonists, and I hope that they'll tie into the big Atlantis story that's hinted at on the last page of this issue.  Are we going to have an Aquaman-centric crossover in the DC Universe?  That just might be the thing to give him the respect he deserves.

Captain America & Bucky #625 - I really liked this issue, but I'm confused as to why the original Human Torch was alive in the "now" time period.  Did I miss something?  Oh, and I like Francesco Francavilla just fine as an artist, but he drew Cap's energy shield way too small.

Batman:  The Dark Knight #4 - They're trying some interesting stuff here, and I like the interactions with the rest of the DC Universe and the relationship with Commissioner Gordon.  I'm not quite sure if it's working, but it's interesting enough to keep me reading.

Wolverine & the X-Men #3 - I'm not sure if I'll continue to get Wolverine's solo series when Jason Aaron leaves, but I'll probably continue to get this one.  I read somewhere that he's a fan of Grant Morrison, and it really shows in this issue.  Wacky, fun stuff.

I, Vampire #4 - Another fun read, even though I thought that we'd have Batman involved in all this by now.  Honestly though, I think that the art is a bigger draw than the story - but the story's not bad.

Batman Incorporated:  Leviathan Strikes! #1 (of 1) - Nice to see that the Batman Incorporated stuff is continuing in the "New 52" although in a somewhat convoluted way.  Any reader who came on board with the relaunch will no doubt be confused by this, but us long-time readers need some satisfaction, dammit!

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