Thursday, December 22, 2011

Comics Roundup for 12/21/11

Pretty good week.  Let's do this:

Wolverine #20 - This issue is pretty much just a setup for a new storyline, but it was nice to see Wolverine's girlfriend actually doing something.  I'm disappointed to hear that Jason Aaron isn't planning on sticking around after this arc.  Hopefully they'll get a good writer to take his place.  I've always liked the character, but few creative teams have motivated me to buy the series.

Batman #4 - Scott Snyder is weaving a pretty intricate tale here, just like he did with his arc on Detective Comics.  This one goes far back into Batman's past and explores Gotham City's history as well.  Greg Capullo is firing on all cylinders as well.  Nice to see his artwork go with a story that actually has a plot.

Justice League #4 - While I didn't dig this issue as much as I did the last one, it still was enjoyable.  I'm worried though that they're going to wrap everything up by next issue.  I don't know how they're going to do it. Plus, Batman needs to punch Green Lantern out sometime soon.  Oh, and I love the bit where GL touches Wonder Woman's lasso and accidentally reveals a bit too much about himself.

The Amazing Spider-Man #676 - I didn't quite feel like I got as much bang for my buck with this issue, as it basically just involves the Sinister Six, and we don't even get to see Spider-Man in it.  Still, the ending was pretty satisfying, and I'm eager to see what's happening next.

Wonder Woman #4 - Another awesome book.  I really love how Brian Azarello is utilizing the Greek Mythology, while at the same time not making me feel like I've seen all this before.  Not much else to say other than this is one of my favorite books right now.

The Avengers #20 - Just like New Avengers, this is a whole lot more interesting now that Norman Osborn is playing a role in the storyline.  I guess it makes sense that after everything that happened before Siege, it wouldn't be as simple as incarcerating him in order to shut him down.

Daredevil #7 - This is a stand-alone issue, and a pretty decent one at that.  Again, this book is really finding the right tone, as the darker stuff has been pushed about as far as it can go, while at the same time, you've got to keep a certain edge to the character.

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