Saturday, December 10, 2011

Comics Roundup for 12/7/11

The Avenging Spider-Man #2 - This was another fun issue of Marvel Team-Up.  I suppose that so long as this continues to be such a brisk, entertaining read, I'll keep getting it.  Still, it feels a bit inconsequential, as they're not going to do anything major with Peter's personal life in this book.

The Defenders #1 - Even though I've never been really into The Defenders as a team, and I can't ever seem to stay with anything that Matt Fraction writes, I figured I'd give this new series a shot.  It was an interesting enough of a read, and it's always nice to see Terry Dodson on pencils.  Maybe I'll pick up the next issue.

The Amazing Spider-Man #675 - Is it just me, or are Peter Parker's girlfriends more interesting when they're ex-girlfriends?  That was the case for Mary Jane, and now it seems to be the case with Carlie Cooper.  Anyway, nothing special about this issue, but this has been such a solid series since Dan Slott took over, that it just fits in as another solid installment.

Action Comics #4 - Maybe my expectations were just too darned high with this title, and maybe I just really wanted to read a good Superman book.  However, this series just really isn't living up to what I wanted it to be.  I really dug the first issue with the socially conscious Superman who had the world against him, and I was hoping for some more of that.  This issue was fine, but it felt like a standard superhero book to me.  I'm hoping that Grant Morrison will toss in some of his wild ideas soon.

Detective Comics #4 - This was entertaining enough, but it's definitely the weak link in the current run of Bat titles (with the possible exception of The Dark Knight).  I need to cut stuff.  This might just fall victim to that.

Justice League International #4 - Speaking of cutting stuff, I might stick around for the final chapter of this current storyline, but I'm somewhat surprised that I got this one.  (Maybe because it was a slow week.)  It's not bad, and I really like Aaron Lopresti's artwork.  It just doesn't have a lot of interesting stuff going on to make me really look forward to the next issue.

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