Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hannity & Colmes - Day 2

Today I'm blogging as I'm watching, as I feel as though I'm wasting too much time by watching this show in the first place. I'll also be paying close attention to Willy and Oliver, and I'll let you all know if they do anything interesting. (Oliver is currently sitting at my side, and Willy is sniffing around randomly. Doesn't look like much will happen here.)

The show starts off with Colmes interviewing Newt Gingrich. Newt actually asks some fair questions regarding what's going to happen if we leave Iraq. Colmes, while saying things that are basically correct (like how we should have gone after the people who actually attacked us before going to Iraq), dodges Gingrich's points. But what can you expect when this show is basically formatted in a way that all you can do is answer in soundbites? 'Cause sure enough, Hannity gets into the mix, and he's still harping on the whole thing about what Obama's wife said and what she wrote when she was in college. YAWN! Hannity, how long are you going to play this tune? His wife isn't running - get over it. Also, Hannity is saying the exact same mantra regarding Obama's church. Again, it's worth actually looking into, but nobody's actually looking into it on this show - they're just repeating the same questions.

And blah blah blah, Colmes gets into what Obama's wife said too...ugh, who cares.

Dammit, they're talking about the same shit they talked about yesterday! I bet that I'll learn nothing from this too. What the hell is my cat up to? Dangit, he's in the computer room with my wife.

After Gingrich, Colmes is talking to a couple of people about Clinton's floundering campaign. Meh. I don't like Clinton anyway, so I don't care. Now they're arguing about whether the Republicans or the Democrats had a greater diversity of viewpoints with their candidates. Now Hannity is using "liberal" as an insult, like conservatives like to do. It's a good way of avoiding any issues when you can dismiss a person with a label.

And Hannity is also going on about how we shouldn't pull out and declare defeat in Iraq. There is a bit of a point to that, but I have to wonder, just how long and how many lives does this war need to cost us? That's the counter that conservatives don't seem to want to deal with. My dad once said that when the Iraqis had elections that Bush should have then declared victory and got out. Works for me. Let's just find some other arbitrary victory benchmark and use that.

In the second half, they're interviewing some radio host named Bill Cunningham. He's one of those people who likes to say "Barack Hussein Obama." That's such a douchebag move, and he keeps saying it. It's like something the schoolyard bully would do.

Jesus, this Cunningham shouts everything he says. Is he at a rock concert? Holy crap, this guy is a nut.

Now Colmes is talking about how this Cunningham once called him "Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama". Who gives a shit? This guy is an idiot. Who are they going to interview next? The guy who hangs out behind the 7-11? Ugh...why does this guy even get airtime? Is this shit for real? And they continue to talk about who this guy calls by their full names and who he doesn't. This is a news show?

I feel as though this show is making me dumber. Next thing you know, I'm going to start putting apostrophes on plural noun's. What really gets me is that this thing has the pretense of being a NEWS show, and even a DEBATE show. I see little of either.

Now they're talking to a focus group, and none of them can name an accomplishment of Obama when Hannity asks them to do so. One of them does though, and Hannity ignores what he says.

It's after the break, and they're still talking to the focus group and they're talking about the picture of Obama dressed as a Muslim when he visited Kenya. All of the people are saying, "Who cares?" yet the guy interviewing them is still pushing the issue. Ugh...now he's talking about the middle name thing. Are you fucking kidding me? Is this really something that we need to be talking about?

Oh boy, Hannity's going to ask a question. I bet it'll be douchey. Oh yeah, now he's talking about how Obama's pastor gave an award to Farrakhan, and he's saying the same damn thing that he said at the top of the show and asking the group about that.

They end off with who Obama would want to play him in a movie.

This show is stupid, and I'm done with it. I'm not going to waste my time with another. I guess it's the "No Spin Zone" next time.


Kirsti said...

Sounds pretty lame.

Gary Fouse said...

I see you met Mr Cunningham. He is the same guy who caused all the ruckus at the Ohio rally for McCain. I was praying they wouldn't have him on the show when you watched.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

See where prayer gets you? Ha...just kidding. He was certainly the worst part of the show, but I think that the show in general is a total joke. It's not a debate show, it's dueling soundbites is all.

Gary Fouse said...

Perhaps, but where is the debate or balance on the Keith Olbermann Show? There is none, just a bunch of liberals all agreeing with each other.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

I'm not expecting to like that one either. Still, even if Olbermann's show is a gigantic turd, that doesn't somehow make Hannity and Colmes any less stupid. It just means that there are two stupid shows out there.