Sunday, February 10, 2008

This is how I sometimes feel...

Now, there are a lot of religious people that I have a lot of respect for, and I don't think that being religious makes you stupid. However, I can't help but relate to what Bill Maher has to say here:


Gary Fouse said...

I can't stand that sanctimonius boob. A liberal who actually called his show politically incorrect. When he's not hanging out at the Playboy Mansion, he is making a lot of stupid statements.

One example is when he called Bush a deserter, or draft dodger. At least Bush was in the reserves. Maher never spent a day in the military. Can you say hypocrite?

gary fouse

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Well, Maher's not sending people off to die in a war that has nothing to do with fighting the people who attacked us, so it's not quite the same thing.

My point wasn't that Bill Maher was a perfect human being, it's that what he said in that particular clip made sense. I don't like him either sometimes.

Gary Fouse said...

No, Maher never sent anyone off to fight a war, but in his job, he doesn't have to worry about those decisions. He just cracks a few jokes, slams who he wishes, and heads for the Playboy Mansion at night.

Check out my post on The Military Service Totem Pole. The message is: before you question another's military service record, you better have one of your own. That is why Bill Maher is a hypocrite.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Hmmm...I disagree with your premise. I mean, I've never driven a bus before, but wouldn't it be fair to criticize the bus driving skills of a professional who rides up on the sidewalk and crashes into all the cars next to him?

If Bush claims to have served in the military, and his claim is disingenous, then it doesn't matter who pointed it out. Facts are facts no matter who tells them. I think that George Bush is usually full of crap, but chocolate wouldn't stop being delicious if he said it was.