Thursday, February 28, 2008

My evening with Bill O'Reilly

I watched The O'Reilly Factor today, but I don't have that much to say about it. After the idiocy of Hannity & Colmes, it seemed like some real quality TV.

What can I say that I and many others haven't said already? It's the "No Spin Zone," but it's all spin. He pretends that he's impartial, but he clearly isn't. I wouldn't have such a problem with his politics if he was just a little bit more transparent about it. Whatever, nothing new here.

The only thing that gets me is his comparing of people to the Nazis. That crap is getting old. When people wrote into his show to call him on it, he told them that they should "look at the history." Well, I know my history, and I know that O'Reilly plays a lot of the same games that the Nazis did as well. Yeah, like he doesn't demonize a group of people with his whole thing about "secular progressives." Meh. Comparisons to Nazis are completely losing their punch. I declare a moritorium for the next ten years, from either the left of the right.

That's all. Next time, it'll be Olbermann's show.

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