Saturday, March 1, 2008

Watchin' Olbermann

So, I tuned into the left-wing (or more like it, Democrat) answer to Bill O'Reilly last night. I've seen Olbermann's show before, and I don't feel much different about it than I do now. For the most part, I don't see much point in watching a show that gives me a "spin" on the news. Also, he does seem to go to easy on the Democrats, even though he'll tear after the Republicans.

What I liked best was when he went over a recent press conference with Bush and pointed out all of the inconsistencies (like when Bush said that he was "focused" on the current price of gas, yet earlier, in the same conference, he stated that he had no idea that gas might be going up to four bucks a gallon). The Daily Show does the same kind of thing though, and Jon Stewart is funnier. Not only that, but Stewart will go after the Democracts on the ridiculous things that they say as well.

And yeah, he went after Bill O'Reilly again. I think that if I watched the show regularly, it would have gotten pretty old by now. The thing is, there are so many legitimate things to criticize about O'Reilly, yet Olbermann seems to be stretching it sometimes.

So, overall, I'd give Hannity & Colmes a Triple-F-minus, The O'Reilly Factor a C+, and Countdown a B-. At least Olbermann attacks people when they get their facts wrong, and from what I can tell, doesn't have a habit of making up stuff. Other than that, I don't have much use for it.

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Gary Fouse said...

A couple of nights ago, Krazy Keith gave O'Reilly first and second place in "Worst Person in the World". Talk about beating a dead horse!