Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lack of anonymity

On Friday, I did my weekly grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. Unlike usual though, I went to the one that's a bit further away from me, as I was also going to the comic book store which is right next door. (I also went to the homebrew shop, and I should point out that I'm known by my first name both there and the comic book store.)

While checking out the eggs, I ran into a guy who was one of my first students - from almost seven years ago during summer school. I recognized him, and I remember that he was a good-natured kid in a room full of lunkheads. Man, did he reminisce fondly of my class back then. I told him that I'm a bit tougher on my students now, as I was pretty much figuring out what the heck I was doing that summer. (I was hired two days before summer school started, and I had never taught a day in my life before that. I had been laid off from just a month prior.)

Afterwards, while passing through the snack aisle, I saw one of my seniors from last year. She's a sweet kid, and I had a good rapport with her while she was in my class. ("You're so mean!" she'd always say - which sounds bad in context, but it was usually followed by a smile and a laugh.)

Yesterday, I went to Nob Hill to get myself something for dinner, and while walking out of the store, I saw one of my freshmen from last year selling girl scout cookies. I absolutely hate this kid. (Just kidding, she's a sweet kid as well, but I just wanted to throw that in as I know she sometimes reads my blog.) I had to turn down some girl scout cookies, 'cause let's face it, I'm really not a man who suffers from not eating enough cookies. If I bought them, they'd get eaten - rather quickly. I practice self-control by not buying sweets in the first place.

While I was talking to her, I saw yet another familiar face - one of my current seniors.

Can't I go anywhere anymore? This is pretty typical though, but it's getting more and more frequent as the body of former students grows every year. Generally speaking, it's nice, but I really have to be aware of my behavior. One year I was at a Halloween party and I had a few drinks, then we went around to tour all the haunted house displays in the neighborhood. I wasn't sloppy drunk, but I was a bit buzzed, when I ran into one of my students. It made me feel really uncomfortable, and I quickly tried to end the conversation and head the other way.

So, no more being drunk in public, which isn't really much of a problem in the first place, but dangit - the mailman doesn't have to worry about that sort of a thing!

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