Saturday, March 22, 2008


Back when I was a teenager, I had a job at Safeway. In retrospect, I was a pretty good worker, and I got along with the managers fairly well. The one time I actually got reviewed, the only bad comment that was made about me was that I wasn't very willing to come in when I wasn't originally scheduled to fill in for somebody who called in sick.

There was one guy that I didn't like very much though; he was the head manager of the store. His name was Dick, and there was never a more appropriately named man whom I've ever met. Basically his unofficial policy was to pick on a different courtesy clerk every once and a while. So, no matter how I was doing my job, when it was my turn to get crap from him, I was going to get it. I know, I know, people say all the time, "I wasn't doing anything wrong!" when they get in trouble, and of course, they probably were doing something wrong. I'm not even trying to say that I never did anything wrong. However, there were definitely times when he would yell at me no matter what.

For instance, one thing that he loved to yell at the courtesy clerks about was when the parking lot was filled with shopping carts. So, I made darned sure that the lot was clear. After all, time spent outside was time not spent in the store dealing with the public, so I was eager to take care of it. One time, he came down from his office, shouted my name, and THEN looked out the window, only to see that all the carts were in. I watched him desperately look around for SOMETHING to be wrong so he could yell at me. Luckily for him, there was an empty cup sitting by the soda fountain, so he yelled at me to throw it away.

Yup, the guy was Dick.

I haven't seen him in fifteen years, but there's a new appropriately named Dick that I know of. Maybe you've heard of him. He's our vice-President.

When confronted with the fact that the majority of the country feels that this current war is a mistake, his response was, "So?"




Look, I realize that being a leader involves making unpopular decisions. Sometimes doing the right thing means that you're doing what everybody thinks is the wrong thing. Not that I think that this qualifies, but let's just say that maybe I'm wrong. Even in that instance, your response should be better than, "So?"

This reveals such a strong contempt for not only the American people but the very notion of democracy. What kills me though is that guys like him are always draping their causes in the flag, accusing others of not caring about this country. I can't stand it when conservatives accuse everyone who protests against their policies as "hating America," but in this instance, I think that the shoe fits. Dick Cheney hates America. The very best scenario involves him not giving a shit, which is pretty much just as bad if you're a heartbeat away from leading this country. What a Dick.

On a side note, I've been stewing over something (as I've been known to stew) for awhile now. Remember that study that came out awhile ago that revealed that Bush & Co. lied 935 times after 9/11 in order to build a case for going to war with Iraq?

I've heard somebody accuse the people who did the study of having a "liberal bias." Okay, let's say that they do have one. Let's say that half of their examples are bull.

That leaves us with 467 lies.

Tell ya what, let's say that 90% of what they reported on is bull.

That leaves us with 93 (and I'm rounding down).

How about 95% crap?

Now we have 46 (still rounding down).

Feel any better? I sure as hell don't.

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