Sunday, February 3, 2008

Just tell them that they're wrong

On my old MySpace blog, I've written a few times about how there's this attitude that everything's all a matter of opinion, when in fact, some things are a matter of fact. I realize that this will be two for two in attacks upon religious conservatives, but oh well, something in my last entry made me think of this once again.

People who claim that the Bible is inerrant, or that they "believe" that the Bible is inerrant need to be told that they're wrong. It is very much errant. I mean, I can "believe" that Shakespeare's Macbeth is inerrant and historically accurate, but I would be wrong. The same is true for these clueless dolts.

I could write a great deal on all of the various problems and contradictions, but how about just one? After all, you just need one error to make it not inerrant, right? Here goes:

Matthew 1:2-17 gives a geneology for Joseph. Luke 3:23-38 gives a different, contradictory one. They both can't be right. Therefore, one is wrong. Ergo, the Bible has a mistake in it. Want more? Look up "Gospel contradictions" or "Bible contradictions" on Google. Or, you know, read the damn book for yourself.

So, you can think it's inerrant all you want, but your "opinion" is up there with believing that the moon is made of green cheese. You're wrong.

Now, don't get me wrong. I realize that there are plenty of devout Christians who recognize the errors in the Bible and this doesn't hurt their faith whatsoever. That's fine, and I have no problem with them. My point isn't to say that The Bible is stupid or worthless. Shoot, even if you don't believe in the God of the Bible, it still has a great deal of value to it.

I'm just picking this one point. And I'm right, dammit. No "matter of opinion" about it.

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