Saturday, May 3, 2008

The conservative doth protest too much, methinks

If you're on the Internet, you're probably aware of Wikipedia. If you're somehow accessing this page via telepathy, then let's just say that it's an online encyclopedia that anybody can edit. Obviously, there are potential problems with this, but it's a pretty cool resource. I tell my students that they can't cite it for their papers, but that it's a good starting point to find legitimate sources (that is, if the article lists them - which is usually a sign that it's a reliable article).

Apparently, some extremist right-wingers are upset about Wikipedia because apparently it has a liberal bias. They don't care for its articles on evolution, for instance, because it says crazy stuff about how it's essentially the foundation of the biological sciences. Wikipedia also lists all of the problems with creationism and Intelligent Design. Conservapedia's founders call that liberal bias - I'd call it more of a factual bias.

Whatever. That's fodder for a potentially lengthy discussion. While the accusations regarding things like evolution are ridiculous, they may very well have a point when it comes to other topics. Still, what prompted me to write this was when I saw Conservapedia's own page of user statistics. Check out the most viewed pages:

Main Page‎ [2,599,881]
Homosexuality‎ [2,392,690]
Teen Homosexuality‎ [417,353]
Wikipedia‎ [385,013]
Arguments Against Homosexuality‎ [332,598]
Homosexual Agenda‎ [331,862]
Ex-homosexuals‎ [317,409]
Homosexuality and choice‎ [311,998]
Homosexuality and Health‎ [292,885]
Examples of Bias in Wikipedia‎ [289,721]

I'm detecting a pattern...hmmm...what is it...oh yeah, lots of stuff on homosexuality! Wow. Are Conservapedia's users obsessed much? You just can't make up crap like this. Do you think this even occurs to the users of Conservapedia when they see these statistics? Think that maybe one of them says, "Wow. I perhaps care about gay people a little bit too much. Maybe it's because nothing would make me feel more complete than the warm loving touch that only another man can give." Nah, I doubt it. I figure they'll just continue their shenanigans at the local rest stop or airport bathroom.

I almost feel sorry for them. Imagine what it would be like to hate what you are? Still, I am amused when guys like Ted Haggard and Larry Craig get caught with their pants down. (I'm just waiting for that "Focus on the Family" guy to get caught kneeling in front of a big strapping lumberjack. You know it's bound to happen).

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