Friday, May 16, 2008

Gay marriage - now what?

Like most of my friends, I was elated to hear that the California Supreme Court voted that the ban on same sex marriage was unconstitutional. While I realize that we still have a long way to go, this is an important step in the battle for equality. I also realize that the battle isn't over yet in California, as some people are trying to move forward on creating a constitutional ban on gay marriage.

Now, I'll admit that I do see the point of certain people on the opposite side of the debate when they say that they don't think it's right that the judges have overturned the will of the people. However, in this country, we have the rule of law, and if the will of the people tramples on the rights of others, then it's up to our courts to make things right. Obviously, I see this as a case of that. However, while I disagree with the opposing viewpoint, I don't think that it's totally without merit (just mostly).

The people that I do have a real problem with are people like Focus on the Family's James Dobson (Focus on the Family is Latin for "We hate homos"). What did he have to say about this? If you have the feeling that it's douchebagesque, then you'd be right. He said, "It will be up to the people of California to preserve traditional marriage by passing a constitutional amendment. ... Only then can they protect themselves from this latest example of judicial tyranny."

Are you flippin' kidding me, Dobson? Tyranny? Really now? Tyranny? I'm sorry, but tyrants oppress people - this has given freedom to people, whether you think that they deserve this freedom or not. And goddammit, if I hear one more person talk about this being about "preserving traditional marriage" I am going to burst into a gamma-radiated rage and SMASH! them, Hulk-style.

Okay, one last time, get ready for it and situate yourself real close to the screen: GAY PEOPLE GETTING MARRIED WILL NOT HURT YOUR MARRIAGE!!!

Holy crap, but is this really what they're worried about? My wife and I could be the only straight couple in the country, and that wouldn't change a thing. And please, can we stop pretending like marriage is a "sacred institution"? Don't get me wrong, I consider my vows to my wife sacred, but it has nothing to do with the "institution" of marriage. I really don't think of my relationship with my wife as being the same sort of a thing that Elizabeth Taylor did eight times. (It was eight, right? I don't feel like looking it up.) I mean, the only logical way to "preserve" marriage would be to outlaw divorce, but these hypocritical evangelicals have far too high of a divorce rate.

The thing is, I feel as though I have too much stuff to do as it is. I imagine that other people must be in a similar situation. If you're against gay marriage, is it really so important to you that you're going to work toward changing the constitution? And to amend it in order to take a right away from people? Is that really what you want?

I'm still waiting to hear just who is going to be hurt by all of this. If anything, the children of gay parents will have the most to gain, I think. So much for family values though, huh?

What would Captain America do? (This really has nothing to do with anything, just like the Hulk video, but I like the song.)

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