Saturday, January 30, 2010

Comics Roundup for 1/27/10

Big, expensive week. Here goes:

New Avengers #61 - A few issues back, I complained that the issue didn't really live up to the cover, as it indicated that there'd be some Spider-Man interaction with Spider-Woman. I suppose that cover belonged on this issue, as we finally get some here, and it certainly was amusing. It's been a long time coming, and it really shows that the only thing these two have in common is the "Spider" part of their names. Oh, and Steve Rogers is back! But he's not dressing as Captain America? What the heck? Oh well, it was a fun issue, even if a whole lot didn't actually happen.

Green Lantern #50 - I'm thinking that the Blackest Night is going to be the final phase of Hal Jordan's redemption. What does he go and do in this issue? He willingly fuses with Parallax (the creature that turned him evil years and years ago) in order to stop a Black Lantern Specter. Of course, everybody thinks he's crazy for doing it, but a good Green Lantern shows no fear - not even of the living embodiment of fear. It should be interesting to see what happens next.

Blackest Night: The Flash #2 (of 3) - I suppose I'd be more into this if I was more familiar with The Flash and his rogues gallery, but this was still an amusing little issue. Only one more issue? I'm down. Plus, we get to see a bit more of Blue Lantern Flash, and I hope that we learn a bit more about exactly what that means next issue.

Superman: Secret Origin #4 (of 6) - This series is enjoyable, but I'm starting to feel more and more that it's not really all that necessary. I liked it when we got all the Legion of Superheroes stuff in the first couple of issues, but right now it's just a story that I've seen several times already. I'll stick around until the end, as this creative team has a way of surprising me and has earned the benefit of the doubt. Let's hope they don't disappoint.

Astro City: The Dark Age - Book Four #1 (of 4) - I flipped through it, and it looks good, but I'm going to go ahead and sit down and read this entire 16-part Dark Age story once all the issues are out. There's just too much going on from month to month for me to remember.

Thor #606 - Awesome issue, even if it is Billy Tan on art. (Is it me, or does he always start out pretty good and then it just goes south after that?) This issue finally explains how Valhalla winds up just over American soil - which is what the situation was in the first issue of Siege. Not only that, but there was a great interaction between Loki and Doctor Doom, where both of them thought they were manipulating the other, and honestly I'm not sure which one has the upperhand? Normally I'd say bet on the god, but we are talking about Doctor Doom here.

Daredevil #504 - Another solid issue, and we see Daredevil really taking things to even greater extremes by the end of this installment. I really like how Andy Diggle is really running with the story that was handed to him, and he doesn't seem to be in any huge hurry to wrap it up. Hopefully he won't make the opposite mistake of having it go on for too long, but the stakes keep getting ramped up every issue, so I don't see any signs of that.

Kick-Ass #8 - Yeah, they're making a movie out of this. I've seen the preview. I'm not sure how well this thing's going to translate. It's definitely a fun series, and this installment was a good one - but a movie? I don't know. From what I can tell though, they're sticking pretty close to the story, but having an 11 year old girl hack a bunch of mobsters to bits in a comic is one thing, in a movie, that might be a bit too hard for people to handle.

The Amazing Spider-Man #619 - We get some pretty cool Mysterio action in this one, as the fishbowl-headed villain manages to really get under Spidey's skin by convincing him that he killed a guy. Of course, just like any villain, he takes things too far and Spider-Man has him figured out by the end. Oh, and Marcos Martin is still doing the art. Awesome!

Captain America: Reborn #6 (of 6) - Hey! Steven Rogers is back! Not that it's a surprise, but considering that this issue came out after some of the post-"Reborn" stories have come out, it's really, really a non-surprise. But who cares? Steve Rogers is back! And it's good to have him back.

Spider-Man: Clone Saga #5 (of 6) - I mentioned last issue that this series was actually getting pretty interesting, and it's not really obvious just where it's going. That holds true with this one, and I'm curious as to how they're going to wrap all this up next issue. Not only that, but I have to wonder how much of this really was the original plan for this story?

Batman and Robin #7 - Grant Morrison is always intriguing, but sometimes he's also confusing. This issue made me feel like I jumped right into the middle of the story. Also, I still don't get how Batwoman just appeared out of nowhere. Still, this storyline is going to explain what the deal is with the body of Bruce Wayne. I'll stick around.

Echo #19 - This is another one of those series where I really don't have much to say, yet I wouldn't dream of not picking up the next issue. Once again, things move along, Terry Moore's art is as expressive as ever, and I'm wondering what's going to happen next. What else would you want from a comic?

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