Thursday, July 3, 2008

Writing an epic

I'll write more about this on my creative writing blog, but I have been working on a huge, epic story since summer started. Whether I'll ever attempt to get this published or not is an issue that I'm not dealing with right now, as I'm mainly just doing it for myself. Still, I'd love to get feedback from anybody who's willing to read it. Last night, I had just finished the second chapter, and below are a couple of PDFs of what I have so far.

Do check it out, as after I reread it, I honestly believe that it's pretty entertaining. Imagine a superhero story set to the voice that I write my blogs - toss in some spiritual issues, Jesus, Satan, Greek and Slavic mythology, and even a few zombies, and there you have it. Any comments and/or criticisms are welcome.

Book I
Book II

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