Monday, November 24, 2008

Ironic Haiku

Since it's my birthday
I have decided that I
won't write a Haiku.


Ingrid said...

Lance, since you told so nicely about me on my birthday, I thought I should do the same for you. Then I started thinking, what can a mother say about her son? It just would come out too sappy and you don't like that and neither do I. So I just say that: With Lance it's like, what you see is what you get. There is nothing phony about him, nothing sneaky. He might come on very strong about subjects that he believes in and thus rubs people the wrong way, but he is never spiteful or hypocritical. He is an honest man, an honorable man and has never disappointed me in his life. Upset me, yes, worried me, yes, but never deliberately. I love you Lance.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

I can live with that. Thanks!

TruthMatters said...

Happy Birthday Lance!

Based on your mom's description, I am even more sure that you and I are very much a like. Very different in belief's, but very much alike in temperment and personality.

Cheers! I had a bud-light in your honor (Now that's funny, yes?) as Lance cringes.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Truth, are you the former Anonymous?

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Oh, and the Bud Light doesn't offend me as much as the apostrophe S on the plural of "belief".