Sunday, November 9, 2008

You're a Racist Haiku (with blog)

I'm not a racist,
but I have a problem with
all other races.

Okay, the above Haiku doesn't represent the way that I feel, but have you ever noticed that usually the phrase "I'm not a racist" is usually followed with a "but" and then something incredibly racist? Of course, there's also the variation where people say that they're not "prejudice." Yeah, I know, the correct word is "prejudiced", but those people say "prejudice". I'm not prejudice myself, but I am euphoria.

There was actually a woman on TV (to be fair, not a Republican but a Hillary supporter) who said that she doesn't want to vote for Obama because she wasn't "ready for a black president". To do another slight variation, she immediately followed up that statement with, "I'm not prejudice or nothin'." Hate to break it to you, lady, but if the reason why you won't vote for a guy is because he's black, then you're a racist. Are you ready to join the KKK? Maybe not, but you're definitely a racist.

Speaking of being a racist, my mother-in-law was recently forwarded some email by a right-winger relative (which is funny because my mother-in-law is definitely not right-wing. She's probably more conservative than I am, but she's not exactly quoting Sean Hannity - and I'm fairly certain that she voted for Obama). The email was obviously addressed to conservatives, and it was full of style, but it contained very little substance. Whatever, that's fine. The only thing that I took issue with is how it said that the reason why Obama won is because of "white guilt". In other words, us white folks still feel so bad about slavery, that we'd elect any black guy into office in order to make ourselves feel better. (Flava Flav/Rodney King 2012!)

Is it possible that some white people voted for this reason? I suppose so. I suppose that some black people voted for him only because he's black. I'm fairly positive that a lot of white people didn't vote for him because he's black. (Or because he's an Arab, even though, ya know, he isn't.)

The thing is this though, if you're a white person and you can't think of any other reason why a white person would vote for Obama other than white guilt, you're a racist. Again, are you KKK material? No. But if you can't conceive of the fact that a lot of white people voted for him simply because they thought he was the better candidate, then there's something misfiring in your brain.

Hey, I just happen to be a white guy myself. My mother was white, and my father was of white origins, which makes me half white and half white, which equals something like 100% white. I also voted for Obama. Why did I do that? Because I thought that he was better than McCain, and I definitely thought that he was better than Sarah Palin (but then again, I think that the squirrel who steals from my bird feeder is better than Sarah Palin. Squirrel/Beaver 2012!)

If I think about it, and I imagine that Obama is a white guy (which he kinda is, if you want to get all DNAey about it) and McCain is a black guy, I'm still voting the same way. (If I picture Palin as the same as she was before and Biden as a moss-covered tree stump, I'm still going the same way.)

Why? Because I'm not a racist, but I gotta say that I think that all Scandanavians are perverts.

(Calm down - I'm part Swedish.)

But I'm able to curb my perversions since the rest of me is normal human.

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123kirby said...

Sarah Palin is a pig.