Monday, November 17, 2008

Why I'll vote no on Prop 14.5-B

Today's blog entry comes to you from the future! It looks like in the year 2099, I'm still alive and blogging. Apparently, I'm a severed head in a jar, and I do all my blogging via thinkwrite. Still, it's good to see that I'm still around, and I still care about the issues. I had a look at a few of my entries, and it looks like I'm still reading comics and making homebrew. Not much has changed. Anyway, without further ado...

A lot of people have been asking me about how I'm going to vote on Prop 14.5B, and I've been avoiding the issue. Why? Because it always brings up a barrage of questions from people. They take that one issue and use it to judge me. They assume that I'm a supporter of President Lohan. They think that I support the war against Frabelmany. They figure that I voted to have Auszealand added as the fifty-seventh state. I mean, I must feel that way, because that's what everybody else who's against clone/android marriage is like, right?

Well, I'm still my old self. I think that President Lohan made for a better actress than a President, and while I supported our allies in Portupain, I'm still against this current war. Oh, and Auszealand? Are you kidding?

So then, you're probably wondering how I can possibly have problems with clone/android marriage. It's true; I was very outspoken about allowing androids to marry once they achieved sentience. I also marched and stood in the rain to support the rights of clones to marry. And let's not forget who one of the most vocal pro-alien marriage advocates was - me. (My wife tells me that I was also very outspoken about allowing gay people to get married. Honestly, I didn't even remember that until she showed me the passage in my great-great-grandson's history book. I actually laughed out loud, believing it to be a hoax of some sort! Gay people weren't allowed to get married? How absurd! But apparently, yeah, people really were that ignorant back in the early part of the century.)

Here's the thing with android/clone marriage though - while I believe in the right to pursue happiness on the part of any sentient, I think that this is where the line should be drawn. What am I afraid of? I'm afraid that we regular humans are going to become absolete. After all, why should regular humans marry when the far physically superior clones and androids can marry and even reproduce (with the latest android models!)

We're becoming an extinct species, people. This is where the line should be drawn. Of course, all of my grandkids say that I'm just an old fart who's afraid of change. What do they know?

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