Sunday, February 5, 2012

Comics Roundup for 2/1/12

The Amazing Spider-Man #679 - A good conclusion to a really fun two-part story.  I could go into details as to what happened, but it's one of those stories that sounds lame if you explain it, but you gotta trust me when I say that it was cool.

The Twelve #9 (of 12) - When the hell did the last issue come out?   I don't know, but it's been some time, and I don't remember what the hell happened last issue.  I do remember really enjoying this series though.  I didn't bother reading this one, as I just might wait for the whole series to come out before I read them all straight through.

Fatale #2 - I found this issue more compelling than the last one, and this is another one of those stories where it sounds lame if you explain it, but reading it is intriguing.  As I've said before, this creative team has churned out some of my favorite comics over the past few years, so I'm eager to see where this all goes.

Action Comics #6 - This two-part story was kind of a jarring transition from what the story has been doing so far.  I don't know, but I'm a bit disappointed with the Superman reboot.  I was hoping that this would be a good time to be a Superman fan, but I'm just so unsure that I like where this is going.  If Grant Morrison hadn't written so much of my favorite stuff, I probably would have quit a while ago.  I'll at the very least pick up the next issue though.

Star Wars:  Dawn of the Jedi #0 - This isn't really a comic.  It's more of a guide to the upcoming series, which will deal with just what the title implies.  It's in the really, really, really early days of the Star Wars universe - so far back that they don't even have hyperdrive yet, and the Jedis don't carry lightsabers.  I'll check out the first few issues at the very least.

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