Thursday, February 23, 2012

Comics Roundup for 2/22/12

The Flash #6 - I still think that the biggest draw to this series is the art, but there's still a pretty fun story going on here.  Also, there are a lot of big ideas being put into place, and that's the sort of story that fits The Flash the best.

I, Vampire #6 - Another series where the art is the draw, but the story is still pretty good.  Still, I'm a bit worried as it's crossing over into Justice League Dark, a title which I bought the first issue but lost interest less than halfway through it.  I'm really not looking to pick up other comics as part of a crossover.  So long as the story is still self-contained enough in this title for me to follow it, I'll get the next issue.

Wolverine and the X-Men #6 - I may have mentioned this before, but this series is a lot more wacky and light-hearted than what I would have expected from an X-Men series that has Wolverine in the title.  I would have anticipated a darker, more violent series.  However, it's a fun series that still keeps true to the character.

Batman:  The Dark Knight #6 - Nothing special, but an entertaining read.  I like the idea of a Bat title that regularly features other members of the DC Universe, and it was good to see Superman and The Flash in this one.  Also, Bane is back.  I'm not sure how the new continuity affects what happened before with him though, but he seems pretty intent on breaking Batman's back.

Aquaman #6 - Not as good as last issue, but still pretty good nonetheless.  We have a guest artist who does a decent job (probably because series regular Ivan Reis does breakdowns) and a story that focuses on "Don't Call me Aquawoman" Mera.  Looks like there's more to her than we might have expected.  I don't know if it's building on older stories or not though, but one way or another, I'm interested in seeing where this all goes.

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