Friday, February 10, 2012

Comics Roundup for 2/8/12

Batwoman #6 - Amy Reeder is the fill-in artist for the current story arc, and while she's not as good as J.H. Williams, it's not bad.  I have a feeling that she's trying to emulate his style a bit too much, especially along the lines of page layouts.  Still, the story is solid, so I have no intention of dropping this title anytime soon.

Batgirl #6 - This issue wasn't as compelling as the title usually is, but I figure that five really good issues more than makes up for what was basically a decent issue.  Still, I'm interested in seeing where things go with Barbara's mother being in the picture.

Captain America #6 - Another solid issue, and some more good work from Alan Davis.  This series definitely has a different vibe from when Ed Brubaker started off with the character.  I guess that vibe has transferred over to Winter Soldier and now we have some straightforward superheroics with this title.

Batman and Robin #6 - This was my favorite title of the week.  I love it when you have a twist in the story that's also completely believable.  That's what we had with this one.  Damien Wayne continues to be an interesting character, and I'm eager for the next issue.

Green Lantern #6 - Perhaps it was the work of guest-artist Mike Choi, but I had a hard time getting into this issue.  He's not a bad artist, but it doesn't really seem to fit this title.  Still, there were some interesting developments between Hal Jordan and Sinestro, and I'm not going to let this little bump bother me when it comes to a title that's been one of my consistent favorites for years now.

I, Vampire #5 - I missed this one when it came out because my local comic shop got shorted on the order.  The following week, I simply forgot it.  Anyway, this was another pretty good issue, and with Batman getting involved in this vampire war, it's only getting more interesting.

Wolverine and the X-Men #5 - Another fun issue in what's proving to be a rather entertaining series.  You'd think that an X-Men book with Wolverine in the title might lean a bit toward the darker side of things, but this title has been anything but grim and gritty.  Nick Bradshaw is definitely the right choice of artist for this series.

Star Wars:  Crimson Empire III #4 (of 6) - We're starting to see the end result of the character arc that Kir Kanos has been on since the first miniseries.  Also, the major players from the classic trilogy are playing a role, which makes this seem a more critical piece of the Star Wars universe.  I feel that Paul Gulacy isn't quite up to his old standards though, but the guy's been drawing since the 70s, I believe, and even the best artists start to decline.  Don't get me wrong, it's not bad.  It's just not as good as he was on the first miniseries.

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Susie said...

I might be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure that JH Williams is still doing the layouts. I think Amy Reeder is just doing the panel art. And YES to Batman and Robin. By FAR my favorite of the four Batman-centric titles!!!