Saturday, February 18, 2012

Comics Roundup for 2/15/12

I think that the time has come again to start dropping some titles.  I passed up Uncanny X-Men this week, even though the fourth issue was one of my favorite single issues in a while.  I also passed that one Star Wars  series that I bought the zero issue of.  Basically, the problem is that I'm not remembering what the heck happened in the previous issues of a lot of these, and it's starting to feel like a chore to read some of them.  Anyway, let's start with the stuff I really liked a lot and definitely won't be dropping:

The Amazing Spider-Man #679.1 - Even though the point of these "point one" issues is a bit beyond me, I guess that they were successful enough to do again.  Anyway, I just consider this to be another issue of the series, and it was a pretty good one at that.  It stands well as its own story, and it sets up things to come.  I guess the whole thing with The Lizard never was completely resolved, so it'll be interesting where Dan Slott takes that.

Batman #6 - I like Scott Snyder's story, and it'll be interesting to see it expand into the other Batman titles.  What really has me on this title though is Greg Capullo's artwork.  The splash page alone was pretty downright creepy, and this issue got to the heart of all good Batman stories - he's the man who doesn't give up, and just when you think you've beaten him, he's already figured out how to beat YOU.

Avenging Spider-Man #3 - This story felt entirely inconsequential, just like the last story arc.  This time, it was a team-up with Hawkeye.  But I'll be damned if I wasn't entertained with the story.  Maybe what works so well is the fact that it doesn't have to tie itself closely to continuity.  Zeb Wells can just tell a story and leave it at that.  I'd actually say that any fan of Hawkeye should definitely check this one out.

Daredevil #9 - Easily one of the best covers in some time on this one.  The story was pretty good as well, just as this whole series has been pretty solid.  I think that I'd enjoy it even more if I didn't have so many other storylines I'm trying to keep track of.  Oh, the cliffhanger was pretty intriguing as well.

Winter Soldier #2 - I liked this.  Didn't love it.  I'm worried that Bucky might be more interesting in context of Captain America's world though.  I'll get at least a few more issues though, as I feel pretty heavily invested in him considering how important he's been in so many of my favorite comics over the past few years.

Wonder Woman #6 - Meh.  Maybe it was the hit-or-miss fill-in art of Tony Akins, but this one failed to get my interest.  Still, the first four issues of this series have been some of my favorite superhero comics in some time, so I'm not quite willing to call it quits just yet.

The Avengers #22 and The New Avengers #21 - Both of these deal with the return of Norman Osborn, and I'm just not getting into this story very much.  Still, just like Brubaker's Bucky stories, many of my favorite comics over the past few years have been the Avengers stories of Brian Michael Bendis.  I hear that he's wrapping up his work on these titles soon.  Maybe it's time for some new blood in here.  I'll keep reading through the end of the story, but I just don't feel that these are as big on my "must read" list as they used to be.

Wolverine #301 - I just wasn't into this one at all.  This has been a good series for the past year and a half, but these last two issues have left me pretty cold.  I'm down with one more, and then that's it.

Who knows?  Maybe it's just a bad week.


Susie said...

I agree with most of what you said. Although, DD & Winter Soldier are two of my favorite titles right now. And I can't WAIT until Cliff Chiang is back on WW. He and Azzarello together is one of my favorite creative teams of all time. Have you read Dr. Thirteen? If not, I highly recommend it. One of my favorite DC stories. This week was a bit lack-luster, but hopefully next week will be better. I get my Aquaman and All-Star Western!

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Haven't read Dr. Thirteen - doubt I'll get to it anytime soon since I'm looking to cut back a little. Aquaman has been pretty darned good, so I'm eager for that one as well!

Josh Coito said...

I gave up on Uncanny too. I was stoked to see Sinister (my favorite X-villain) and the Phalanx story was cool, but then it was just back to them fighting hordes of drone bad guys and giant robots. BOOORING!

Lance Christian Johnson said...

How the heck did this wind up in my SPAM folder? Oh well, you're published now!