Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Comics Roundup for 2/29/12

Justice League #6 - I was worried at the end of the last issue that the conclusion to this one would feel a bit too rushed.  Well, it did, but not in too egregious of a way.  This whole opening arc was basically just a setup for the entire series, and it certainly didn't feel like the threat of Darkseid was completely dealt with.  It was also a bit too gratuitous with the splash pages, but overall this has been a fun series so far.

The Amazing Spider-Man #680 - A reunion with the Human Torch, who's back a bit sooner than I would have thought.  Anyway, nothing special here, but this series at its worst is always entertaining.

The New Avengers #22 & The Avengers #23 - I group these two together because they're basically dealing with the same storyline - the return of Norman Osborn.  I enjoyed the two of these more than the last few issues.  I'm thinking that maybe I just need to go back and reread this particular storyline.  A lot of Brian Bendis's stories work better that way.  I'll wait until it all concludes.

Lord of the Jungle #2 - It wasn't too busy of a week, so I figured I'd check out the second issue.  Not bad.  I'm familiar with the basic Tarzan story, so I'm curious as to when this is going to add and/or do something new with it.  I'll probably check out the next issue at least.

The Twelve #10 - As I stated with the last issue, I'm waiting for this series to finish before I read it all.  Also, like I said, I really enjoyed the first eight issues, so I'm hoping that the rest of the series won't disappoint.

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