Friday, October 24, 2008

Won't somebody think of the children?

Ouranos, the god of the sky, feared and hated his children, so he kept them locked up within Gaia, also known as Mother Earth. Eventually, his son Cronus would overthrow him, using a sickle to remove his private bits.

Cronus feared his children as well, and for good reason - his son Zeus defeated him in a war between the Titans and Olympians.

Yaweh was a jealous, violent god who ordered his people to commit genocide. Eventually, he gave way to his son, Jesus, who had a more pacifistic point of view.

The gods of the Hindu pantheon encouraged an uncompromising caste system, but when Buddha came along, he did away with that. (As did the Sikhs did, although they did it much later.)

Eventually, the old gives way to the young. And while beings like Cronus saw the end of his reign as the end of the "Golden Age," humanity still carried on, and we're doing just fine, thank you very much.

This morning, I saw one of the latest "Yes on 8" ads. These have all been so mind-numbingly stupid that I don't even want to post them. Go look them up for yourself if you haven't had your proper quota of lies for the day. Of course, there's the one about how if Prop 8 isn't passed, churches will lose their tax-exempt status (absolutely untrue - but not a bad idea, in my opinion). This one though talks about how kids are going to be taught about gay marriage in the public schools. Luckily, not long afterwards, there was an ad where the Superintendent of Schools debunked the "Yes" ad by saying that there isn't anything in the standards that requires teachers to teach about marriage one way or another.

So, they're lying. But what if they weren't? What exactly are we afraid of? Oh, I know - the GAY AGENDA!!!!! (Dum-dum-DUMMMMMM) What a load of crap. What exactly is the gay agenda and who exactly is in charge of it? You'll never get a precise answer, mainly because there's no such thing. Are there gay people with an agenda to be treated like human beings and have equal rights? Sure - and how dare they?!

Anyway, what are people so afraid is going to happen? I mean, what exactly are they going to "teach"? "Okay, kids, there are three kinds of marriage - man and woman, man and man, and woman and woman. Now, here are some videos so you can see how each pair satisfies one another sexually. Oooh...see that? That's called sodomy, kids." I mean, is this really what these people are afraid of? The ad even has a couple who give their testimonial about how their kids HAD to learn about gay marriage. The thing is, I don't even believe their story. But even if it is true - SO WHAT? Oh no! They're kids might grow up to not have the same stupid-ass prejudices that their parents have! Dear lord, can't have that! (Oh, I'm sorry - is it offensive when I say that being prejudiced against gay people is stupid? Do you feel like I'm being prejudiced against you? Hmmm...maybe that should make you at least a little bit more sympathetic then, eh? I guess not though.)

I was talking about this issue with some friends at lunchtime today. (As we were discussing our sodomy-filled lesson plans.) We all basically concluded that even if Prop 8 passes, the handwriting is on the wall. As more and more of the newer generations are able to vote, the chances increase that the Constitution will be re-amended yet again. It's inevitable. Why? Because young people realize that gay people getting married doesn't affect them. (Unless, of course, they happen to be gay themselves - but you know what I mean.) They also realize that maybe it's preferable to have gay people out of the closet, comfortable with who they are, and productive members of society who help to raise up the next generation rather than have them in the closet and engaging in deviant behavior in public restrooms (looking at YOU, Senator Craig). Maybe they also realize that if this is supposedly about "family values" and "protecting children," the fact is that there are already a lot of kids being raised by same-sex couples, and perhaps it's not right to make them suffer.

I know what most of the people from the older generations are thinking. They're thinking that this marks the beginning of the end of human civilization. However, those who have some sense of history know better. Why? Because people have been talking about it being the beginning of the end ever since they've been able to complain about anything. And I don't know about you, but I don't think that I'd want to live in the past. Were things really better? Would you rather be a black man now or a black man a hundred years ago? Would you rather be alive during the AIDS epidemic or during the Black Plague? Would you rather live during the rise of Islamic terrorism or the rise of communism and fascism?

Yeah, yeah, I'm sure that some older folks are going to bust out the ol' "Soddom and Gamorrah" story. They'll tell us that's where we're heading. Well, keep in mind that the "good" man of that story offered up his daughters to be raped (as apparently angels can't take care of themselves). Keep in mind that a woman turns into salt in that story. And most importantly, and listen closely - THE FUCKING STORY IS A MYTH, ASSHOLE!!!! If that shit were true, Las Vegas would have toppled long ago.

So, look out, Ouranos - here comes the next generation, and they've all got a bunch of sickles. They're bringing the Golden Age with 'em.


Anonymous said...

What I find the most interesting in all of this is that the "perverted, deviant" homosexuals are fighting for the right to have a monogamous marital union because they love each other. While the "normal" heterosexuals of society prefer using one another, shacking up, fornicating outside of marriage, aborting unwantted babies, and cheating on their spouses in all differrent ways imaginable.

Go figure. Whose more preverted?

In addtion, it's usually not the homosexuals who are fighting for the right to marry that are getting busted in bathrooms. There are sexual deviants in both camps. AAh, human sexuality.

Are you aware of what's going on world wide in the sex-trade slave market among primarily heterosexual men?

If "normal" heterosexuals who call themselves Christians think that homosexuality is any more of a sin then any other sexual sins they haven't read their bible and most of them need to look in the mirror.

If you want to get enraged about sexual sin and some henious criminal sexual preversion, here's a good place to start:

Thanks for the post Lance. I always enjoy your writing. I found the "f" word took away from the literary quality, however. Just a prude I guess.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Thanks for the comments. Are you somebody whom I know?

As for the F word - I'm trying to use it more sparingly. Still, I think that sometimes it gets the point across the way that I want it.