Friday, October 31, 2008

Don't be a H8er

Just so you all know, I'm going to be protesting prop 8 on Monday. I'm going to be at Treat and Oak Grove in Concord. It's part of a larger deal that's being organized by some No on 8 folks, but I doubt that they'll turn down anybody who wants to stand there with a sign.

It'd be nice to see you there as well. (And no excuses those of you who live hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away.)

Oh, and bring a sign.

EDIT: We'll be there from 4:30-7:30.


Kelley R. said...

Hi! Just thought I'd wander over from Raytractors and have a look at your blog. I think it's really cool you're protesting for No On 8; my college is in California so I've been volunteering for No On 8 a lot over the past few weeks, and it makes me so happy to hear how many Californians oppose 8. Go you; that's awesome. ;O)

Lance Christian Johnson said...