Thursday, August 20, 2009

Comics Roundup for 8/19/09

Batman: Streets of Gotham #3 - I've said it before, and I'll say it again - make Hush the in the next Batman movie! Yeah, Joe Average hasn't heard of him, but he also never heard of Ra's Al Ghul, dammit!

Paul Dini continues to make what was a pretty cool villain into one of Batman's best villains. With Bruce Wayne supposedly "dead", Hush has been impersonating him in public, giving out money to the poor left and right. Basically, he's draining the Wayne fortune on which current Batman Dick Grayson (the original Robin) depends. Dick manages to get one-up on him, but every time he seems to be beaten, he comes back with a new plan. I'm hoping that this instance will follow that.

Oh, and there's also a "Manhunter" backup. I read a page or two of it, and I wish that I read the installment from last issue. Good thing I don't throw away my comics.

Daredevil #500
- This issue marks the end of Ed Brubaker's writing run. I've read the title off and on in the last 23 years, and I started picking it up again because one of my favorite writers was doing it. Just like the writer before him, he doesn't leave everything in a neat little package, and there's a pretty radical new status quo. This is one reason why I'll at least pick up the first few issues of new writer Andy Diggle's run on the book. There was also a preview of a DD special that Diggle wrote, and that seems pretty intriguing. Still, I'm looking for excuses to drop titles, but I'll keep reading if it's good.

Amazing Spider-Man #603 - I actually found myself thinking about this one for a bit after I read it. What I like about it is that the creative team really doesn't miss any opportunities with this story. The basic setup is that The Chameleon has taken over Peter Parker's identity (without learning that Peter is Spider-Man). That's not so interesting on its own, but he makes sure to do a lot of things that will screw up Peter's life when he comes back to it. The best part was when he insulted Peter's amputee war veteran friend. Good stuff.

Adventure Comics #1 - This is a new series with Superboy and a backup feature with the Legion of Superheroes. Normally, I don't care much about either one of them. Why did I pick this up then? It's because Geoff Johns is writing both. I liked this issue - didn't love it, but considering how much I've liked his stuff lately, I'll pick up a few more to see if it grows on me before giving it the axe.

The Astounding Wolf-Man #18 - Supposedly, this series is going to end at issue 25. That's too bad, as it's one of the few superhero comics where the reader can really feel like anything can happen. That's what you get with creator-owned works though. Anyway, this brings up a lot of interesting subplots, and I just hope that they'll all be resolved by the end of the series.


Ben said...


I seem to remember you writing about the Ultimate Origins miniseries. Am I imagining things? I just read the trade and was interested to hear your thoughts if you had read it also...please direct me to the blog where you wrote about it if i am remembering correctly, or email me.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Ultimate Origins? No, that wasn't me. I don't have a single issue!

Ben said...

Well then check it out! It was really good. I checked it out from the library, that is a great way to get the trades!