Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ramadan It! - Day 5

Since I'll be spending tomorrow morning in a mind-numbing faculty meeting, I thought I'd post on my progress before going to bed. I did quite a bit better than yesterday. Part of it was that I woke up later and managed to have a bigger breakfast.

I wound up eating dinner at six, which means that I probably went about 10 1/2 hours without eating. That's not bad. I'm actually pretty confident that if we had winter daylight hours, I'd be able to follow the rule to the letter. Still, I managed to skip lunch and not have any snacks with hardly any discomfort. I think that another thing that helped was that I was working on some notes for my Senior English class, so my mind was plenty distracted.

I'd better lose some weight as a result of all this, dammit. No beer...geez, even if everything else about Islam appealed to me, that would be a real deal-killer.

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