Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Straight A's for Argos

Hopefully this will be the last time in a long time where I'll feel the need to write about my dog, Argos. Last time, I wrote about his trip to the oncologist and how his cancer is likely to spread and eventually be the reason why we'll need to put him down. I also wrote about how the doctor suggested that we give each of his days a letter grade, and when he has more C days than A and B days, then it's time to put him down before it gets to D and F days.

So far, he's been having nothing but A days. When he got his last bandage put on, I was able to walk him yet again. We did our usual two-mile walk to the park, and he did just fine with that. It was also a good thing because since we still needed to keep him inside, his indoor manners improved immensely since he no longer had all that bottled-up energy.

His bandage has been removed, and now I'm not only able to take him to the park, but I can throw the ball for him, and he tears after it like he didn't have a problem. Sure, if you see him standing, you'll notice that he favors his good foot over the one that's missing a toe. Also, when I checked his foot, I saw a little bit of blood still there, but even that's scabbed over by now. (It was really minor - please don't think that I was taking him for walks as he his foot was gushing blood or something.)

I'll have to go back to work next week, so our walks will be shortened a bit (except on weekends). Until then, I plan on taking him out every day so long as he's up for it. In fact, tomorrow I plan on taking him up to Mt. Wanda here in Martinez. That should be fun for the both of us.

Oh, and he's also back outside where he has resumed his guard duty. People passing by on the sidewalk once again are warned to stay away by my fuzzy security system. So, things are looking good. I haven't sat down to make a list of everything that constitutes an A day, but honestly, if it weren't for the fact that you can see that he's missing a toe, you'd never know that there was anything wrong with him.

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