Thursday, August 6, 2009

Get the hell out of my country!

I've been reading some stuff about how there are some folks who don't like the direction that Obama is taking this country. Apparently, they think that they know better than THE PRESIDENT. Yeah, right! Like these people got elected to anything! Know what I say? If they don't like this country, then they can GET THE HELL OUT!

It kind of reminds me of all those people who were protesting us getting into the war with Iraq. We're America! We always do what's right! If they think that we're so awful, and if we're always bad guys, then they should GET OUT!!!!

I can't help but think of that Martin Luther King fella. What was his problem anyway? We have separate bathrooms for the races. That's what America is all about! Maybe he should have just gotten THE HELL OUT!!!!

Ever hear of an abolitionist? Those morons don't understand that slavery is a tradition in this country! Maybe if they're so against our traditions, they should find some other country to live! In other words, GET OUT!!!!!

What really gets my goat are these "revolutionaries" who think that they know better than the King of England! Last I checked, kings got their power from God himself. Who the hell is this Washington guy? Jefferson? Jefferhate America is more like it. This country was founded as a colony of the British Empire! If they don't like it, then why don't they GET THE HELL OUT OF MY GOD DAMNED COUNTRY!!!!!!????


Nolan said...

Love it or leave it, man.
Love it or leave it.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Is that sarcasm? GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY!!!!