Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ramadan It! - Day 4

Epic fail yesterday. I made it to about 3:30 and then I had to eat a bagel that I had originally intended for breakfast but couldn't eat at the time. After that, it was game over, and I had dinner at about 4:00. The good news is that my homemade Swedish meatballs turned out pretty tasty. Also, as before, I couldn't have as big of a portion as I normally have. It's funny, but I figured that I'd be pigging out at night, but I find myself getting full really fast.

After that, I had a bit of apple cobbler. Before going to bed, I had an apple and a bit of dark chocolate. (Because as everybody knows, it's all about the anti-oxidants for me. What are anti-oxidants, you ask? Ummm...hey, look over there!)

Last night was the first night where I actually was craving a beer. That was easy to get over though. I figure even if I just wind up saying "to hell with it!" and start eating lunch again, I can still do the abstaining from pork and alcohol.

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