Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Blitzkrieg of Blogs!

Once again, Blog-A-Day month is upon us. I managed to do this just fine the past two years, so I'm pretty confident that I'll have the same result this year. Not only that, but I won the last two years, and I'm just going to go ahead and declare myself the winner right now.

Thing is, I have about three or four things that have been buzzing around in my head for the past few days, but I've been saving them for this month. I'm not going to get to them today, but some topics I'm thinking of include: religious nutbars (shocker!), Glenn Beck's insanity, Sean Hannity's idiocy, and JM Strazynski's incomplete stories. (The last one has something to do with comics.)

Of course, I also have this little vegetarian experiment going on. I really don't think that I'm too interested in posting what I eat every day. I mean, there are days here and there where I just don't eat any meat anyway. It's a rare thing, but I don't think that I'll notice the absence of meat from my diet for a few days. Tonight Kirsti and I are grabbing Mexican, and I'm getting a vegetarian burrito - something that I just happen to order anyway sometimes.

There's also the Comics Roundup, so that will take care of at least one day a week. (I still have a few books to read before I'm ready to post the next one.) That's having the desired effect, as I'm being much more careful about what I spend my money on. I always think to myself, "Am I sure that I not only want to buy this, but write about it, too?"

I've been blogging for a few years now, and I think that this is more therapy than anything else. I know that it's also sometimes a way for my relatives to know what's going on with me, even though I rarely write about my personal life. (I could do an entire series of blogs about how my wife beats me unmercifully, each entry going into which blunt object she happened to be using the last time she pummeled me.) It's also great to see comments from not only friends, but people whom I've met online.

Anyway, that's all for now. I figure that for the "Stan Lee Challenge", I'm going to consult my archives and parody a specific Stan Lee title for each blog entry. You'll find them below:

Today's blog title was inspired by the title of the Captain America story in Tales of Suspense #85 - "The Blitzkrieg of Batroc!" I opened up my copy of Essential Captain America Volume 1 and it was the first one I turned to! Praise Odin!

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