Monday, October 5, 2009

The Equivocation Takes Over!

I've had something brought to my attention recently. As we all know, Barack Obama is nationalizing the banks. Not only that, but he's bringing socialism to our country with his health care reform. Hmmm...nationalizing...socialist...nationalizing socialist...national socialist! Who were the National Socialists? Why, none other than the Nazis! If this doesn't prove once and for all that Obama is just like Hitler, then I don't know what does. After all, if the words are the same, then it is the same.

Don't go resting easy now that you feel informed though. This plot to destroy our country is far worse than you can ever imagine! How are our leaders chosen in this country? They're elected. What process is that? Democracy. Who decides in a democracy? People. And what do we call a representative system of government that we have? Republic. That's right, there are people in this country who want us to be a Democratic People's Republic. Remind you of anything? How about the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea? (And let's not forget the former German Democratic Republic - also known as the former communist East Germany!)

Oh, but it gets worse. There are people who try to encourage family values in this country. Oh, yeah, family. That's great. You know who else referred to his group as "The Family"? None other than Charles Manson! I guess if you want to belong to a family, that's your business, you damned hippie murderer you!

I suppose that you're the kind of person who wants to know the truth about things, right? And not only do you want to know the truth, you'd like to know the highest truth, right? Maybe even the Supreme Truth! Well, if that's the case, then maybe you belong to Aum Shinri Kyo (The Supreme Truth), a destructive cult that used poison gas on a Tokyo subway.

You're sitting there, thinking that you're all safe, but you don't realize just how much danger lies in words that people use.

Today's "Stan Lee Challenge" was inspired by Fantastic Four #26: "The Avengers Take Over!"

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