Friday, October 2, 2009

Namaste It! - The valiant also shop!

I went to Trader Joe's today in order to stock up on some meatless stuff to eat for the week. As of right now, the only meat that I have is a bit of sliced salami, and since the expiration date is in February, I think I'm just going to let it sit there until it's time to eat meat again.

Honestly, I was a bit excited to go shopping. I often see vegetarian stuff that looks interesting, but I often pass it up, figuring that it'd be a total waste if it turned out to be crap considering that I could have just gotten some sort of meat equivalent.

I found quite a few things, and I even passed up on some stuff, figuring that I can always give it a try next week. As for tonight, I had some manicotti with ricotta cheese. Kirsti can't stand ricotta cheese, so I bought her some spaghetti and marinara sauce. I mixed the marinara with some of that meatless ground to make a veggie bolognese. Kirsti liked it quite a bit, even going for seconds. As for myself, I couldn't even finish the manicotti, but I did try a bite of her spaghetti, and it was pretty darned good. I liked it enough that I think that I'll even buy that when this whole experiment is over.

So, it's day two. Do I miss meat yet? Honestly, not really - not yet, anyway. And I still say that this is easier than Ramadan - even a half-assed one.

Today's Stan Lee Challenge title is a tribute to The Avengers #44 - "The Valiant Also Die!"

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