Thursday, October 22, 2009

Namaste It! - Trapped by the Vegetarian Challenge!

I realize that I was Mr. Big Talker just a few days ago, writing about how well my vegetarian month is going. No, I haven't slipped, but I am officially tired of this now. I just ate, and I'm full, but I'm not satisfied because I want some frikken' meat inside me. I must admit that I was really, really tempted to tell the wifey that I was going to pick us up a burger today instead of having our veggie tacos. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm so close to the finish on this, I think that I would have cracked.

Anyway, here are my thoughts on some meat-substitutes:


Veggie Ground Round - This experiment would have probably lasted only a week if it weren't for this stuff. I've used it in a bolognese sauce, sloppy joes, tacos, and burritos. I genuinely like the stuff, and I feel confident that I'll continue to buy it once this whole thing is over. (Although I am getting a bit sick of it - it will probably take me a few weeks into November before I'm ready to have it again.)

Soy Chorizo - Yummy stuff. It really doesn't hold together, and it basically turns into a spicy veggie ground round, but it's pretty tasty. I just had it in some tacos, and that was good. I also had some in an omelet, and I really enjoyed that. Just like the ground round, I'll probably continue to buy this stuff.

Morning Star Sausage Patties - Kirsti didn't care for it, but she's never been a big fan of breakfast sausage in the first place. I liked it quite a bit, and I'll continue to get these.


Soy hot dogs. Ugh. Even cutting them up and putting them into spaghetti-o's (that's right - want to make something of it?) didn't help them. Bottom line? If you're going vegetarian, you'll never enjoy a sausage or hot dog again. (I don't count the chorizo because that breaks up to the point where it doesn't even resemble the sausage.)


Trader Joe's Veggie Chicken in Barbecue Sauce - I didn't waste any of this, and if I was going vegetarian permanently, I'd probably continue to get it. Since I plan on eating meat again in just over a week, I just don't see myself ever wanting to get this again. I did like it enough though to try some of their other meat substitutes in the same line of products.

Tofu - I'll admit that I haven't tried more than two things with this, but it's always just "okay" at best.


Morning Star Veggie Bacon - This tastes like a piece of paper that you rubbed up against some real bacon. Absolute crap.


Veggie Burgers - I bought the "Dr. Praeger's" brand, but I have yet to try them. I remember having a veggie burger at Nation's once upon a time and liking it. Maybe I'll make my way down there before next week is over and try another. (As a lot of people have said in the past, it really doesn't taste like a hamburger, but it's good on its own terms.)

This "Stan Lee Challenge" is a tribute to Daredevil #6: "Trapped by...The Fellowship of Fear!"


Connie said...

Where do you find the soy chorizo? I had queso with soy chorizo once and it was tres yummy! I'd like to give that a try. My problem with going vegetarian is that I'd end up on carb overload (i.e. lotsa pasta!!) I'm now on express orders from my doctor to "eat more meat!!"

Lance Christian Johnson said...

I got it at Trader Joe's, but I've also seen it at my local Safeway and Nob Hill. I'm guessing it's pretty popular, and the person who recommended it to me isn't even a vegetarian.

Ingrid said...

Lance, I can't believe that all the prepared food, vegetarian or not, can be good for anybody. To me it doesn't even sound appatizing. Get yourself a decent steak, bake some potatoes and mix a salad and you have wholesome, healty food. I know you are only experimenting, but in my life, I haven't met any happy vegetarians.

Ingrid said...

Lance, could you correct my spelling mistakes before you post my comment. Really, I know it is appetizing and healthy. Any more?
-:) I was in a hurry and had no time to check.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

I can't make spelling corrections. Also, I was in a hurry too!