Monday, October 19, 2009

Namaste It! - To Resist a Burger!

After reviewing this, I realized that maybe I should file it under "Lance doth protest too much, methinks" but here it is anyway:

In less than two weeks, my experiment with vegetarianism will be over. Just as I suspected, this has been a much more successful experiment than the "Ramadan It!" ever was (more on that in a bit though). I can honestly say that I haven't eaten any meat since I started, and I'm quite confident that I can make it until the end of the month.

Do I get a craving for meat? Sometimes, but not every day. I know that every time I see that commercial for the Quiznos cheesesteak sandwich, I really get a hankerin' for one of those. Still, this isn't like when I was fasting during the day. It would get to the point with that where all I'd think about is food, and I just couldn't stand it any more. My thoughts about meat aren't quite as obsessive, and once I fill myself up (French Toast for dinner tonight!) it's pretty much out of my mind.

Speaking of the "Ramadan It!" experiment though, I've been getting a little annoyed at some of the comments I've gotten about it. I realize that maybe I'm just being sensitive, but I've had more than a few friends poke fun at how I "half-assed" it. Well, I never made any pretense that I was going to adhere to it 100%. Don't believe me? Read my first blog where I announced that I was going to try it.

Now, if these people were Muslims (or anybody, for that matter) who followed Ramadan to the letter of the law, then they'd have every justification for razzing me as hard as they could. (Oddly enough, the one who seemed the most impressed WAS a Muslim who was following it all the way!) Instead, these are people who didn't even do as much as I did. If I was half-assed, they were no-assed. No, it's not that I'm saying that everybody should have done it, but I don't think that one who didn't even try is any position to criticize it.

Again, I'm probably just being hyper-sensitive about it, and I'm sure those folks are just engaging in some good-natured ball-bustin'. Still, I do feel a sense of pride with what I did accomplish. I proved that I could live without one of my favorite things in the world - beer. (I'm quaffing one of my Pale Ales right now.) And as I pointed out before, if this was a winter Ramadan, then I would have successfully fasted for about 90% of the time. The biggest challenge in my mind though was when I sat there and watched everybody eat Chinese food when the English department went out for lunch. I never would have thought that I could have pulled that off.

Yeah, so, I'm a lousy Muslim, what can I say? When this "Namaste It!" month is over, I'm going to eat a sandwich with bacon and roast beef, and I'm going to eat it on a Friday so I can offend as many religious sensibilities as possible.

This "Stan Lee Challenge" was inspired by The Amazing Spider-Man #67: "To Squash a Spider!"


Nolan said...

You totally half-assed it. Half-asser. Or should I refer to you as Your Half-Assedness?

Lance Christian Johnson said...

At least I have an ass.