Sunday, September 27, 2009

This Blog, This Challenge!

I already copy/pasted Scott C. Harris's Blog-a-Day announcement, but I want to add an additional challenge! (Even though it seems like Scott and I are the only ones who do this. What's the matter, cowards?)

Of course, it will be slightly easier for me to do it this month, since I'm going to be doing my "Namaste It!" posts. I don't think though that I'll be doing a daily update on that one. I had more to say with the Ramadan experiment, but that's because it was more of a struggle. We'll see about this one.

So, this means that I'll have to pad the blog with other topics. And this is where the challenge comes in. All "Namaste It!" posts will be labeled as such. However, I intend to make every other post title in the style of a Stan Lee comic book story title. What do I mean by that? Well, by flipping through the "Tales of Asgard" collection, we can see story titles like "The Hordes of Horikin!" "When Speaks the Dragon!" and "The Fiery Breath of Fafnir!" I suppose that I could make this simple and just end every title with an exclamation point, but that would be lame.

Here's what I'm thinking. If I'm going to write on the troubling discourse of the health care debate, I'll call it something like "Lo, There Shall Come Vitriol!" If I'm writing about how dumb Kirk Cameron is, I'd call it "This Man, This Moron!" I could call a post about buying a new refrigerator "When Comes the Refrigerator!"

Get the point? I want all of you (Scott) to do the same! Do it for Stan!



Katherine said...

Game on, Lancito... Now to set up a blog.

Lance Christian Johnson said...


I'm having trouble figuring out who you are. Do I know you (personally, that is)?

Calling me "Lancito" makes me think that I do. Maybe it's something really obvious, and I'm just not piecing it together.

katherine said...

I date back to pre-historic days of the McMessageboard (there was a time when I posted, but that was a message board or two ago). At some point in more recent history I stumbled across your blog... So, no.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Ahhh...okay. Glad to see you, and that explains the "Lancito" thing. I forgot about how I went by "El Lancito" on that board.

katherine said...

Do you go by "Lancito" in real life, too?

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Not really. It was a nickname that this Chilean woman I knew gave me, and my wife started to call me it as well. Sometimes her mom and sister call me it as well.