Thursday, September 24, 2009

Comics Roundup for 9/23/09

I devoured these all last night, but it was too late to write the Roundup. Here goes:

New Avengers #57 - This issue really picks up the pace from the last one, and it's good to see the two Avengers teams really coming to a head. Also, it was nice seeing Spider-Man knocking Norman "Iron Patriot" Osborn down. It also ended with a nice cliffhanger, and Stuart Immonen's art just looks better and better.

The Amazing Spider-Man #606 - Guess who else is more interesting now that Spidey is single? The Black Cat, that's who. Once again she can act as a femme fatale figure in the story, and Mike McKone does a really great job of drawing her. Oh, and the bad luck powers are fun to have back, especially in Joe Kelly's hands. I have to say, I've never been a big Joe Kelly fan, and his first few issues of Amazing didn't do much for me. Now, however, I look forward to his story arcs. This was fun stuff, especially when Black Cat's powers kept kicking in around him.

Giant Sized Wolverine: Old Man Logan - This wraps up a story arc that began in Wolverine's regular series some time ago. I've never been able to sustain a long interest in Wolverine's solo book (or books, as he has now) but I really dug Mark Millar's "Enemy of the State" storyline. When I heard he was coming back for this dystopian alternate-future of Wolverine, I had to come back for that. This has been a great read, and the ending is pretty satisfying. It finally answered the question as to what would happen if The Hulk ate and swallowed Wolverine. Nice.

Echo #15 - Word is that Terry Moore has signed a movie deal for this property. Not only that, but supposedly we're at the halfway point for the entire series. While I'll be sorry to see it go, it's nice to know that this story has a planned beginning, middle and end. Not only that, but I'm confident that I'll stick around for whatever Moore does next. As always, it was a great mix of character moments and action.

Superman: Secret Origin #1 - They're telling Superman's origin AGAIN? How many times is this now? And yet, here I am buying it because of the creative team of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. Sure, we've seen the story a million times, but it's one of those stories that's so archetypal that it be retold constantly and with a fresh take each time. This time, I hope that they get right what I felt was lacking with Mark Waid's Superman: Birthright - namely, they explain why Clark Kent would have ever been friends with Lex Luthor in the first place. Anyway, this was a great read, and it dealt nicely with the one thing about Superman that's central to who he is as a person - he's an orphan with adopted parents.

Spider-Woman #1 - I figured that I'd give this one a chance since I like her in the New Avengers book. I had picked up the limited series of a couple years back, but that really didn't do too much for me. With this one, I definitely liked the art better, and the story is a bit more compelling. See, Spider-Woman had been kidnapped by the Skrulls only to have the Skrull Queen impersonate her for several years. Now the real deal is back, and she's on the hunt for Skrulls in a mission of revenge. Not bad, and I'll give it a couple more issues at least.

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