Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ramadan It! - Day 14

I figured that with this little experiment, some things would be hard and others would be easy. What did I think would be the hardest? Skipping lunch, definitely. What did I think would be the easiest? Not eating camel meat. I can totally handle that one.

As for the easier parts, not drinking alcohol is somewhat hard, but it's a bigger sacrifice than not eating pork. I mean, I have one beer a day except for weekends where I indulge in two. I consider Friday to be the weekend, of course. Also, I can vary from time to time and have more, but generally speaking, it's fair to say that I average 1-2 beers a day. It's a nice way to cap off the day, and the fact that 90% of the beer I drink is my own home-made brew, it's even more of a special treat.

So, no beer is easier than no lunch, but it's harder than no pork. That said, today was the first day where I missed pork. I was planning a simple dinner, as I went to the store and bought some buns for Kirsti and I to enjoy some Trader Joe's All Beef Hot Dogs. I came across some nice looking buns (and then I went to the bread aisle! BA-dum-PUM) but they were too big for the hot dogs. (Is there any way to tell this without it sounding dirty?) Anyway, the thought crossed my mind that I could get something bigger, like bratwurst.

And that's the moment when I was sad to not eat pork.

Oh, and I started snacking a bit at 5:30. I've found that a movie is not sufficient distraction when I'm hungry.

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