Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kirk Cameron - Liar for Jesus

Looks like old Mike Seaver is up to his old tricks again. No, he's not doing the things he used to do that made Mr. and Mrs. Seaver mad (whatever that was - didn't he not do his homework and stuff?). Instead, he's lying in the name of Jesus. What's better, he's also lying in an attempt to undermine science education (which too many liars for Jesus seem to do).

Here's his video, and then I'll break down the lies and/or distortions:

1. Kids are not allowed to pray in public. Huh? What? Since when? The Christian club at my school meets in front of the flag in the morning and prays. (I don't know if they do this every day or what - I really don't pay that close attention to what they do so long as it doesn't aeffct me.) There's nothing anybody can do to stop them.

2. Kids can't open a Bible in schools. Bullcrap. I'm doing a unit on the Bible right now with my seniors. I've had kids read it for their outside reading.

3. The 10 Commandments are no longer allowed to be displayed in public spaces. Wrong again, Mike Seaver. They just can't be displayed on government property. Personally, I think that the faithful oversell those ten rules. Why didn't "no raping" or "no slavery" make the list but "no carving wood into an idol" made it?

4. The Gideons are not allowed to give away Bibles. I've never heard this. Maybe it's true, but I doubt it. I had some students giving away Bibles a few years ago, and considering how spectacularly wrong he was on the first three points, I'm not even going to bother researching this one.

5. Over 60% of psychologists and biologists are atheists. Hmmm...maybe that oughtta tell you something, Kirky.

6. Atheism is on the rise and people aren't hearing the alternative. It's true. Most people don't even know about the Frost Giant in the Ginungagap anymore.

7. Only God can make people love what's good and just. Then why are you such a damned liar, Kirk? You obviously don't value the truth.

8. Ray Comfort's "introduction" to Darwin's Book. You might want to know that Ray Comfort is the same guy who thinks that the banana is the "atheist's worst nightmare". I wrote about that guy some time ago. That guy writing an intro to Darwin's book is like me writing an intro to Greatest NASCAR Moments. He either doesn't understand evolution, or he lies about what it even says.

9. Hitler's connection to Darwin - Funny how Hitler didn't mention him. I wonder if these people think that Jews were treated really well up until the point that Darwin wrote his book, and that's when everything went south. Hitler invoked God a lot, but I don't blame Christianity for Hitler either, even though you can find more similarities between Hitler and Martin Luther if you really want to look them up.

10. Darwin's racism and attitudes towards women - From what I can tell, they're pretty consistent with a man from the late 19th Century. Even if they were behind the times though, what does that have to do with his theory? Nothing.

11. The "hoaxes" and how "nothing created everything" - Fail, Kirk. Look, if you're going to criticize evolution, at least know what it is, okay? Evolution has nothing to do with the origins of the universe.

12. Absence of transitional forms - Lie. Look it up if you don't believe me. Search for "whale evolution" or "horse evolution" for some really amazing examples.

13. Einstein believed that God created the universe - It would be wrong for me to say that Kirk is 100% wrong on this, but he is if he's talking about a personal God - which Einstein definitely did not believe in.

14. Big list of other scientists - So what? That doesn't mean that if they were alive today that they'd be creationists.

Final thought - What these creationists (and I don't want to blame all Christians for guys like Cameron and Comfort) don't seem to get is that atheism is not a religion. Atheists do not hold Darwin's book up as some sort of infallible text. In fact, those who have bothered to look into the issue KNOW that there are problems with what he wrote. It is NOT a perfect book, and Darwin himself made no pretense of it being so.

With that said, over the nearly 150 years since its publication, more and more evidence has been uncovered that backs up his basic premise - that species evolve from lower forms through the process of natural selection. If something comes along to disprove it, most scientists will want to know about it. I know that I'd want to know about it, and I'm not even a scientist. Shoot, once they started analyzing DNA, the whole theory could have been thrown out the window, but what they discovered was that it only supports Darwin's basic premise.

Ironically, I'm glad that these guys are doing what they're doing. I hope that students present their arguments to their science teachers, so they can watch each one get torn down quite dramatically. (Of course, any biology majors will be able to do that just fine on their own.)

Still, Kirk, why all the lies? If you're really so moral and righteous, why would you need to do that?

Oh, and here's a video response from my favorite Romanian atheist:


Matthew said...

My favorite part of that video was the 30+ seconds of black screen at the end. My second favorite part was all the examples of scientsts that believe... I think one of which lived in this century.

OneShare said...
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Nolan said...

He did say the Gideons can't pass out Bibles IN schools. Well, yeah. We don't let strangers on campus to pass out literature to our students, no matter its purpose. Making an exception for Bibles would be a constitutional violation.

However, once or twice a year those guys with the little orange New Testaments stand a block away and hand them to kids walking home. They get SO MANY conversions that way.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Matthew, there are no scientists anymore. They went extinct around the same time as the dinosaurs.

And Nolan, I figured that was the truth behind the lie. Still, Kirk gets no credit for that one.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Oneshare, your link led to SPAM. I'm assuming that you're a spammer. Too bad, because a comics-related site sounded cool.