Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ramadan It! - Day 17

I made it to a quarter after five today, and that probably had to do with the fact that I had pancakes for breakfast with a glass of milk. Not only that, but I wound up eating about an hour later than I usually do.

In order to distract myself from hunger pangs, I went for a walk across the recently-opened pedestrian/bike path that goes across the Benicia Bridge. I walked from the Martinez side all the way to Vista Point in Benicia. That's somewhere between four and five miles from what I can tell, and I certainly felt pooped (and still do, actually). This was an effective distraction, but I really wish that I had brought some water with me.

The big disappointment for today was that even though I was originally planning on making a couple hot dogs for myself, I had remembered that I had bought some Trader Joe's Seafood Sausage. I thought that sounded a little bit more interesting, and I had the idea that I'd make them instead. Unfortunately, when I looked at the ingredients I saw that the sausages may be made of seafood, but the casing is made of pork. I suppose that I could make them and then slice off the casing, but that kind of feels like cheating, so I'll just have to wait two more weeks.

Okay, I'm over the hump. Next weekend I'm going to bottle my beer. I'll cheat a little and give it a taste to make sure that nothing went wrong. I guess I'll do it wine-tasting style and spit it out though.


Ingrid said...

Seafood sausage?? I can't think of anything more unappetizing than that. What do they put in? Seefood should be eaten fresh, not even previously frozen, that already kills the taste, but packed in pork casing, I shudder.
That long walk sounds exhausting, but the view must be great.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

It's shrimp and white fish. I don't know - sounded interesting. I'll try almost anything once.

And the view was great - I'll upload a picture to Facebook when I get a chance.