Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ramadan It! - Day 24

Well, not much of a Ramadan at all considering that I ate lunch. As I mentioned before, I had to thaw out everything from my freezer, so I'm stuck with a whole bunch of food that needs to be eaten before it goes bad. There's no way that I'm going to get to all of it if I'm only eating two meals a day - especially when the only thing I can choke down in the morning is cereal.

That's the irony of this whole experiment. Normally, I'd feel pretty bad to waste so much food. However, now that I've spent over twenty days skipping lunch, I feel even worse about throwing food away. So, my Ramadan experiment led to me having to end my Ramadan experiment early. Well, that and some unfortunate luck with the refrigerator.

I have to say, I've never enjoyed being able to eat lunch more than I did today. I had some of my homemade Swedish meatballs, and I savored every last bite. It also felt great to not feel my stomach caving in on itself at 2:00 in the afternoon. At about that time, I actually found myself craving a little piece of chocolate. However, I resisted the urge. I can justify allowing myself to eat lunch so long as I have leftovers to eat. There's no way I can reconcile eating a piece of chocolate though.

Unfortunately, I'm going to wind up breaking the no pork rule before the week is over. I think that I can hold out on the alcohol thing until Sunday. However, tomorrow I'm going to be doing a favor for a friend, and there's a chance that he might feel like having a drink or two afterward (and I wouldn't blame him for it). If that's the case, I'll break that rule too, as sometimes having a drink with a friend is the kind of thing a friend needs to do. We'll see though, and I won't be the one to suggest it.

So, I'm going to avoid giving my final thoughts on all this just yet, but even with me aborting the experiment a little early, I still think that it's been a worthwhile experiment, and I definitely can say that it's been enough to have an impact. I'm sure that I'll have more to reflect on as the days roll by.

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