Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ramadan It! - Day 26

Oh, why even call this a Ramadan It anymore? I ate lunch. As I stated in previous posts, I have the choice to keep going with this until the end and waste a lot of food, or I can eat what's in my fridge and not have all that waste on my conscience.

I did keep it pretty light though. I had a chicken caesar salad. I grilled up the two chicken breasts last night that had thawed out after taking them out of the freezer and putting them in my little beer fridge. This morning I chopped them up and put them in a salad.

It was pretty good, and I think that this is the type of lunch I should eat more often. It didn't make me full and sleepy, and it kept me nicely satisfied until I was finally able to get around to making dinner at 6:00.

Oh, and no beer and no pork today. I'm going to break the pork rule again before I finally open another beer. (That will be on Sunday.)


Nolan said...

There's a girl in my class who's doing this for real. No water or anything. A teenager with more self control than you have. Pussy.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

So, I'll put you down for the next Ramadan It! then?

Nolan said...

I'm no religious nutjob. Stop forcing your beliefs on me.