Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ramadan It! - Day 16

Major failure today. I think that I made it until 3:00 before I just couldn't take it any more. By that point, I went a bit overboard too, as I first had a salad, but I didn't feel full, so I had some cheese as well. Then I had a little bit of ice cream. Then I had a glass of milk. My stomach was in a lot of pain, and I just couldn't take it anymore.

I think that there were two major problems. First of all, for some reason I thought that oatmeal sounded like a good idea. Unlike when I have cereal, I didn't have any milk with it. I think that the milk gives me some fat and calories that I can slowly burn through the day to ease off the hunger pangs. The other problem is that I had too much free time on my hands. I thought that doing this at work would be harder, but it turns out that's an easier trick to pull off. When all you have to do is sit around and think of food, it's pretty hard to not go and grab some food.

The thing is, I felt really bad when I decided to go ahead and eat. I thought about the fact that there are people out there who feel like this all the time, and they don't have a fridge full of food that they can turn to when it gets to be too much. What's even worse, my cat knocked over the cheese on to the floor, and I had to throw away a big chunk of it. It really didn't feel right to waste food like that.

It's pretty amazing how spoiled I really am.

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